Et voila. I give you my top 10 It-List.

In a nutshell

NOT a shocker that It bags de la maison Hermès come up more than once. 

No American or British designers made the cut though Marc Jacobs Stam and Mulberry Bayswater could be in the top 15 list.

It Bag #1 The Birkin by Hermès

Undeniably, the ultimate status symbol in the fashion world. 

What's the first word that comes to mind? For me, its ELUSIVE.

How many of us have actually seen one, touched one? This is part of the allure, as if the exorbitant price tag was not enough.

The Birkin's sheer elusiveness plays a major role in its allure

Did you know how the Birkin got its name?

As the story goes, British actress (and lover of the smoldering hot Frenchie singer Serge Gainsbourg), Jane Birkin was moaning to Hermès CEO Jean-Louis Dumas about being unable to find a suitable leather weekend bag. 

What does he do? He creates a bag for her and lo and behold, the Birkin was born.

The woman behind the bag. Jane Birkin, an epitome of French style looks simply fabulous circa 1960’s

Victoria Beckham (aka 'The Bag Lady') is known to have one in every color

  1. Because she bloody-well can.
  2. Because her husband makes MTB (money to burn).
  3. And well, she is Posh Spice after all.
So sod off all you Becks haters, as my British friends would say!

The Posh Princess’ collection of 100+ Birkins has an estimated value of GBP 1.5 million



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