What’s in a name?

The Kelly gets its name from American actress and Princess of Monaco Grace Kelly.

She was spotted trying to conceal her pregnancy from trigger-happy paparazzi with the Kelly.

In 1977, the house of Hermès renamed the bag (formerly the ‘Sac à Dépêches’) as a tribute to Grace Kelly.

The Kelly is Hermès' #1 best seller 

Today, the Kelly comes in 8 sizes, exotic leathers with hardware in white or yellow gold, and the House of Hermès sells more Kelly bags than even the Birkin.

The most expensive bag in the world, a limited edition Diamond Kelly costs $1.5m
She had me at hello

Our paths (Kelly’s & mine) crossed in 2003 in the movie Le Divorce- must watch if you haven't.

Kate Hudson’s character accepts to become the mistress of a blue-blooded French politician only to be showered with a stunning red crocodile Kelly 28. at the end when the relationship ends, Kate throws the Kelly from her window. Mon dieu- unacceptable!

Kelly vs Birkin: Similar, yet distinctive

Though the bags are similar-ish, what gives away the difference is the Kelly has one handle while the Birkin sports two.



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